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About the Farm

Happy Toes Homestead, LLC. is a sustainable foodie haven in the heart of Columbus, Ohio.  In 2017, it began  in a small backyard in Clintonville and then moved to a 2-acre Cooke Road property later that spring.  We specialize in unique, heirloom produce, herbs, microgreens, and flowers, but we have also been known to raise quail for eggs and we plan

to integrate fruit into the operation in the very near future.  

We are certified organic and are

striving to support the natural ecology of our area while

building healthy soils and fostering habitat for pollinators.  

Transparency is important to us so we welcome visitors

who want to learn about how our food is grown.  Our

products are sold as locally as possible for optimal freshness

for friends and neighbors at farmers markets, restaurants,

and through our CSA and individual sales.  For on-the-farm

happenings, check us out on Facebook!

Meet the Farmer

Katie grew up gardening and fell in love with cooking from

scratch for friends and family in college.  Her passion for

making tasty, sustainable food inspired her to create Happy

Toes Homestead, LLC. in 2017.  Before digging into farming,

she studied Environmental Studies at Denison University and, over the years, she worked on a variety of local (and a few not-so-local) small-scale farming operations and farmers markets.  Happy Toes Homestead, LLC. is her (and her husband, Jacob's) home, and she believes in using farming practices that not only produce absolutely delicious vegetables, fruits, and herbs and breathtakingly beautiful flowers, but that also help her local community enjoy healthy and green lifestyles.

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